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We provide evaluations and treatment for concerns related to motor, sensory, and adaptive skills
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Occupational therapy helps children achieve confidence and independence at home, school, and in the community. Our licensed occupational therapists (OTs) support skills for success across life experiences such as play, social interactions, classroom participation, and self-care.

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Occupational therapy supports the skills a child needs to lead a successful, fulfilling life. Occupational therapists (OTs) ensure children have the necessary self-regulation, sensory tools, strength, coordination, and motor skills to facilitate attention, manage emotions, participate in groups, perform schoolwork, engage in play, and perform activities of daily living (ADLs)
such as eating, dressing, bathing, and personal hygiene tasks. OTs examine how a child engages in these areas, identify barriers to independence, and determine strategies and skills to overcome those challenges. Targeted skills can include:

  • Fine motor skills required for feeding, drawing, writing, or using classroom tools
  • Gross motor skills for play and daily movement
  • Strength and coordination for play, classroom involvement, or daily activities
  • Sensory integration for appropriate attention or regulation
  • Self-care skills for increased independence
  • Emotional regulation skills for successful peer interactions or classroom participation
  • Interoceptive awareness for increased self-advocacy and independence
  • Executive functioning for managing schoolwork, following directions, and independent task completion
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Our occupational therapists hold at least a master’s or doctoral degree in their field while receiving regular education on current and effective therapy techniques. We are an enthusiastic, supportive, and highly skilled team who are passionate about what we do. Our OTs are experts in assessing necessary skills for successful participation in daily life, and using a compassionate, strengths-based approach to grow those essential capabilities. We support children and young adults with a variety of diagnoses, including but not limited to:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Feeding Disorders
  • Developmental Delay
  • Mental Health Concerns
  • Dysgraphia
  • Genetic Disorders

Our OTs work collaboratively with our speech therapists to provide well-rounded care for feeding and swallowing disorders*.

Occupational therapy services will begin with a comprehensive evaluation, including a parent/caregiver interview, that will highlight strengths and challenges across motor, sensory, self-regulation, and adaptive skill areas. The evaluating OT will create targeted goals based on the data collected during the evaluation process. They will then provide recommendations regarding the frequency of therapy and relevant supports for environments such as home and school.

Our Model of Care

Therapy will consist of hour-long appointments, allowing your child ample time to engage in meaningful, functional activities during every session. Our therapy is strengths-based, family oriented, and holistic. Seattle Therapy – Skills for Life stands out among service providers because we provide wraparound care, meaning our services extend beyond our clinic to reach your child in all areas of life.

Our Occupational Therapy is:

COLLABORATIVE. At Seattle Therapy – Skills for Life, we prioritize collaboration across care providers, including other therapists, teachers, and families. This allows for a robust treatment plan with consistent expectations and strategies, leading to maximal outcomes. Collaboration with family is of utmost importance to us because we know that you are the expert on your child!

FLEXIBLE. Occupational therapy at Seattle Therapy – Skills for Life is tailored to meet the needs of each individual we serve. We can shift between in-person and remote services as needed, or we can visit your child at home or school to better understand their needs. We have options for co-treatment, dyads, and small groups when it is determined that these modes will best support a child’s development. We offer a variety of scheduling options so that appointment frequency best fits the needs of each child and family.

MEANINGFUL. Our compassionate OTs know how to incorporate each child’s strengths and interests into therapy so they feel empowered and motivated to grow. Our therapy model ensures every goal supports functional skills that prompt measurable change in a child’s everyday life.

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Does my Child Need Occupational Therapy?

It can be difficult to know when to seek professional support. Signs that your child may benefit from occupational therapy include difficulty demonstrating skills consistently across environments, seeming clumsy or uncoordinated, struggling with certain textures or sounds, or having difficulty managing their energy and emotions. If you have concerns, it is always a good idea to talk to your pediatrician about what you see. A comprehensive occupational therapy evaluation will help you determine what is appropriate for your child’s age, what skills may need support, and which strategies can help at home or school.

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