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Functional Life Skills for Young Adults


Making the transition into late adolescence or adulthood is an exciting, but often overwhelming, period in any young person’s life. Maybe you want to be more independent at home, school, or work? Maybe you want to build more meaningful connections with friends? Perhaps you are currently enrolled in a school-based transition program and need additional, focused support? Whether you need just a gentle nudge in the right direction or a detailed road map, our highly skilled therapists at FLY at Seattle Therapy – Skills for Life are equipped to help guide you on your journey to greater independence and self-fulfillment through comprehensive evaluation and highly customized intervention plans.

Therapy for teens & Young adults

A Program Dedicated to Helping the Future Generation

How We Can Help

  • Improve daily living skills such as cooking, cleaning, self-management, and hygiene
  • Strengthen communication and self-advocacy skills
  • Increase independence and safety awareness within the community
  • Prepare for college or employment
  • Overcome difficulties with feeding and food aversions
  • Manage digital communication and social media use
  • Implement environmental adaptations within the living space or workspace
  • Identify and engage in social activities and relationships
  • Explore leisure preferences and develop leisure skills
  • Build a toolkit of sensory processing strategies for use at home or in the community


Building Self-Determination. Self-Determination is the process of being actively engaged in the choices that direct your own life. Young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities often do not have the same opportunities to make choices about the important aspects of their lives.
In order to fully maximize independence and build self-determination, young adults must have opportunities to learn what choices are available to them, what their personal strengths are, and how their actions influence their futures. We believe that hope begins with feeling understood, and FLY at Seattle Therapy guides young adults with a strengths-based approach. As families and young adults understand themselves better, they can more effectively navigate their lives and advocate for their own needs

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Therapy for teens and young adults

Services We Provide

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Language Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Caregiver education

What to Expect: Evaluation Process

  • Step One: First Meeting
    • Initial intake appointment via Zoom with the client and primary caregiver(s) to discuss the client’s current routines, goals for the future, and any concerns related to skill development.
  • Step Two: Comprehensive Evaluation
    • Appointment will be conducted in the clinic for a tailored assessment of transition skills based on concerns and priorities discussed in the initial intake appointment.
  • Step Three: Final Evaluation Report & Findings Review
    • Once the report has been completed, the therapist will schedule a meeting to review the results and collaborate on goal development with the individual and their family.

Seattle Therapy: Skills for Life

What to Expect: Getting Started with Treatment

  • Once the evaluation process is complete, a customized treatment plan with recommendations and therapy goals will be provided. We will work with your family to determine an appointment schedule that best fits your needs.
  • To get on our waiting list, please fill out intake paperwork here

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