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Therapy Support for Schools

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Therapy for teens and young adults

Home. School. Community. Where you need us.

Specialized OT and SLP Services for Students of All Ages

  • Screenings
  • Early Intervention/Preschool
  • Remote/teletherapy options
  • Direct therapy
  • Consultation
  • Goal development
  • Transition skills
  • Complex therapy needs
  • IEP review and meeting attendance
  • Independent educational evaluation (IEE)
  • Teacher/teacher assistant training

Example of Screening:

Fine Motor Screenings for a Classroom

Occupational therapist/s observe each student’s posture, and visual-motor control during a classroom activity where the students rotate through a small group/writing station, and another fine motor station, such as cutting or drawing. Each classroom teacher is provided with recommendations for improving posture/positioning, and motor development (when applicable) to a student. Written activity recommendations will also be provided for students/parents if desired.

Our Therapists: Maximizing Skills for Learning

Occupational Therapists

We consider the physical, sensory, cognitive, and mental health needs of all students while applying our expertise to increase participation and independence in school routines.

Speech Language Pathologists

By acknowledging that language is the foundation for learning in all academic subjects, we help students meet communication and social goals for greater success in the educational environment.

School based therapy

School Based Services

Our specialists support schools, community and home – any location required to support the children.

Teletherapy Service for Schools

Why choose Seattle Therapy? 


We provide effective OT and SLP teletherapy services, utilizing established systems and approaches for our customized eHome Therapy using HIPAA compliant technology.

Teletherapy service

Information for School Districts

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