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COVID-19 Response

Seattle Therapy is open and we continue making changes to our clinic and services in response to COVID.

Last updated 12/2021

How We Are Protecting Clients and Staff

Seattle Therapy is committed to the safety of our clients, staff, and everyone who works with us. We have implemented multiple safety measures in order to promote social distancing, limit traffic in and out of our office, and keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We:
  • Staff are vaccinated.
  • Offer a variety of eHome Therapy (Zoom) to support our clients, families, and teams.
  • Use rigorous screening measures for both staff and clients, including health questionnaires and no-contact temperature screening
  • Use strict infection control protocols in accordance with the CDC and King County Health Dept. guidelines
  • Sanitization of surfaces, tools, toys, etc. regularly throughout the day and after each use
  • Use of air purifiers; opening windows periodically
  • Use of masks for staff at all times
  • Separated/private therapy spaces in the clinic
  • Require travel quarantine for unvaccinated individuals. Anyone physically entering the clinic follows 7 days of quarantine with a negative COVID test taken 3-5 days upon return home, or 10 days of quarantine after any travel to another state. Therapy appointments shift to eHome Therapy (via Zoom) or services outdoors for continuity of care whenever possible and according to Scheduling Agreement.
Distance Learning Tips
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What You Need to Know Before Your Session

  • Drop-Off. With the exception of new clients and evaluations, we have a drop-off and pick up policy to limit the number of people in Seattle Therapy. Please wait in your car until the start of your session. Masks are required to be worn upon exiting your car and should stay on while waiting.
  • New Clients/evaluations. One vaccinated parent/caregiver can join the client’s appointment.
  • Waiting policy. A staff member will greet you and escort your child in the building. One family can wait to the left on the “Welcome” door mat (facing the door), while other families should choose a waiting spot that is socially distanced.
  • Screening. We advise that you take your temperature before coming to your session. If any of your household members have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, email Prior to entering Seattle Therapy, a staff member will perform a series of screening checks including asking questions from a health questionnaire, requesting proof of vaccination for individuals 12 and older who are entering Seattle Therapy, visual inspection of clients for signs of illness, and a no-contact temperature screening may be completed for anyone entering the building.
  • Hygiene. Your child’s therapist will wear a mask at all times for the duration of the session. While children under the age of 12 and persons with disabilities are not mandated to wear masks, we are ready to help and encourage our clients to wear them with parent permission. In the event that one caregiver has arranged to accompany a child into their session, they must wear a mask at all times while in the building. We are not able to provide masks for clients, so please bring your own from home. Additionally, everyone entering the building will use hand sanitizer upon entry, hand washing/sanitizing during the appointment and upon exit.
  • Personal Belongings. All clients remove their shoes prior to entering their session and store them in a sanitized cubby along with any personal belongings. You may want to refrain from sending your child to therapy with any personal belongings such as toys, backpacks, etc. unless absolutely necessary or relevant to therapy.
  • Pick-Up. Please do not congregate by the door. Wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Just like drop off, one family stands to the left of the Welcome door mat (facing the door), while other families choose a waiting spot that is socially distanced. For hour long appointments, arrive at 45-50 minutes past the hour. Your child’s therapist or a staff member will escort them out to you. 
  • Thank you for helping keep all families and staff safe. Related to our COVID safety protocols, the time to talk with therapists at pick-up is minimal. Therapists need to clean between appointments. Communication is an expected part of your child’s therapy. If a therapist hasn’t scheduled with you, please request a phone call or parent meeting. These services are offered in 15 minute increments.

In the Event of Exposure

  • If Seattle Therapy becomes aware that an individual who has recently been present at the clinic tests positive for COVID, we will communicate with all affected and potentially affected clients and staff. We will keep some details private as per HIPAA guidelines and privacy practices.
  • Depending on the circumstances of the exposure, we may transition all appointments to eHome Therapy (our telehealth) for a period of time. We will communicate with and recommend that potentially exposed individuals get a COVID test. We will implement cleaning protocols at the clinic and follow quarantine protocols for staff.
  • To resume in-person care, we will look to the CDC and may seek guidance from local health officials before determining and communicating our plan.

These recommendations are subject to change and will be updated periodically to reflect best practice in minimizing COVID risk and transmission.

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What to Do If You Are Sick

If you or anyone in your household are experiencing coronavirus symptoms, please stay home. Self-isolate for 10 days to help prevent the spread of the disease. If you have an appointment, please call us to reschedule or set up an eHome Therapy appointment.

Thank you for being flexible and working with us during this difficult time. We’ll all get through this together.

– Seattle Therapy

Are there any travel restrictions due to COVID-19?

Clients and caregivers who have traveled in the last 10 days will be asked a series of travel-related questions before they are able to enter the clinic for in-person sessions. Questions include whether the person or child entering the clinic is fully vaccinated, who they were in contact with during their travel, where their travel took place, and more. In general, clients who travel in-state without concerns of exposure to unvaccinated persons would be able to enter the clinic. For detailed information about our travel policies, please contact a staff member.

Any family who has travel plans should discuss options with their therapist ahead of time. We can offer some great alternative options to an in-clinic session, such as outdoor sessions, E-home therapy, parent meetings, and more!

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