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Welcome to Seattle Therapy - Skills for Life. Since 2010, we’ve been leaders in building functional skills for children and young adults through direct services, and connecting their environments and teams. Contact me at with completed intake forms to schedule an appointment. Intake forms can also be faxed or mailed. Call me for more information. Whether you’re looking for OT or SLP, a combination of both services, or home/school-based services, I am ready to hear your child’s story. Let’s get started building skills for life. ~Shelley O’Donnell

Our pediatric occupational therapists (OT) and speech-language pathologists (SLP) teach children, adolescents, and young adults specific skills to improve participation in meaningful activities. We specialize in working with children with social-emotional challenges (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, attention, executive function, and behavior difficulties), sensory processing disorder, developmental delay, motor impairments, expressive and receptive communication challenges, and/or cognitive delays. We also provide specialized evaluation and treatment for children with feeding disorders.

Shelley O'Donnell, Owner and Occupational Therapist

Shelley O'Donnell, Owner and Occupational Therapist

We hold the belief that hope begins with feeling understood. That belief fuels a family-centered therapy process that identifies the specific needs of each child, and tailors a therapy plan that celebrates that child's successes and acts as a catalyst for his/her growth. Understanding an individual's specific abilities allows us to maximize his/her potential, rather than manage limitations.

Our belief that hope begins with feeling understood informs our dedication to providing ongoing support to parents and other caregivers. We believe you are the expert in your child, and that your child wants to learn and be understood. Every interaction a child experiences sets the stage for success. We work to maximize generalization of the child's skills across environments (i.e. at home, at school, in the community) and continuity of care, by making connections between therapy and everyday life. Services are available in our clinic, and the home and school environments.

Seattle Therapy - Skills for Life seeks to be an environment where you and your child can be known, validated, and understood.