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Mental Heath Treatment Is On-Demand As Coronavirus Concerns Increase

Mental Heath Treatment Is On-Demand As Coronavirus Concerns Increase

These days, COVID-19 is on the peak, continuously spreading and physical health is not the only concern anymore! Along with virus-induced closures, and cancellations, a large number of people are struggling to be socially isolated. Which is leading to an increase in anxiety and uneasy feelings. 

Life during a pandemic is not easy, and currently, many individuals are drowning in stress. Corona Virus hasn’t just effected how our lives work, but also how our minds work.

As citizens, we are used to roaming freely about and the isolation has become a great burden on our daily lives. Compared to previous pandemics, people and healthcare practitioners are looking for ways to cope.

The 9/11 Crisis and COVID-19

Data shows that the coronavirus outbreak is comparable to September 11th. People who had suffered from mental illness in the era of 9/11, responded better and recovered sooner. One of the biggest differences faced with coronavirus is the growing fear of one’s safety in the workforce.

As the entire U.S is under isolation, the more health providers stay home, the more challenging it gets to provide services to people who require mental health treatment. Moreover, the anxiety among the patients is also escalating each day as they fear to leave their homes. 

Amidst all the tension created around the world, there is positive news for people going through depression or seeking mental health services, as TELEHEALTH can be really beneficial for those who are suffering

Mental Heath Treatment Is On-Demand As Coronavirus Concerns Increase

How Telehealth Can Go a Long Way

TELEHEALTH – Providing health care with the help of technology!

What is telehealth? It is utilizing digital information and communication technologies, such as computers, tablets, and mobile devices to remotely access healthcare services and manage your health. 

Telehealth allows us to reimagine the visit to the doctor or physician as a house call without the travel. The Internet has been of great help ever since, and the virtual visit has been proven helpful for many patients. 

The platforms for Telehealth no longer require huge overhead costs but are just part of monthly subscription packages that are affordable, secure, and HIPAA compliant. There are various software and applications available, that have made providing and receiving healthcare services really easy.

Benefits of Telehealth Services

Telehealth helps to overcome the barriers to health services caused by the distance between the provider and patient, access to transportation, and more. 

The following are the reasons how telehealth can help in reducing anxiety among people and how it has a long way to go.

Mental Heath Treatment Is On-Demand As Coronavirus Concerns Increase


Providing healthcare services through digital modes helps in doing the tasks flexibly. Teletherapy or psychiatry generally, doesn’t even require to examine the person physically and it can easily be performed with the help of video conferencing. The only important thing required on both ends (patient and provider) is to have a high-speed internet connection and high-definition webcams.

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patientEngagement 768x512 1 Mental Heath Treatment Is On-Demand As Coronavirus Concerns Increase

Improves Patient Engagement

The increased role of digitalization has made a large number of providers and health systems to find new ways to interact with patients and keep them engaged in self-care. The chronic health conditions have been rising and using telehealth for remote 

monitoring is just another way for medical providers to improve outcomes.  Moreover, online appointment reminders, stress-free in-app scheduling tools, and remote consultations help the patient to keep up with their health needs.

Mental Heath Treatment Is On-Demand As Coronavirus Concerns Increase.

Reduced Cost of Care

According to research, US Healthcare spending increased by 3.9% in 2017, reaching $10739 per person which accounted for 17.9% of the country’s GDP. Telehealth can help in reducing the cost of care by eliminating the physical barriers that keep patients to keep check of their health over time.

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They can take advantage of the services being provided digitally such as remote monitoring, remote physician consultation using video or audio, and improve their chances of early detection or early stages of stress levels.

health care quality 1024x675 1 Mental Heath Treatment Is On-Demand As Coronavirus Concerns Increase

Improved Healthcare Quality

The most important reason why telehealth is highly beneficial and will continue to grow is the improvement in healthcare quality. This is because technology can enhance service delivery and treatment of acute conditions. The patients are just a call away from their consultation and this keeps them relieved and reduces the stress of traveling a long way to see the physician. 

According to the American Hospital Association, “By increasing access to physicians and specialists, telehealth can help ensure patients receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time.”

So, stay safe and keep your mind occupied with positive thoughts

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